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You're in luck, POW is in BETA TEST MODE, which means you have the opportunity to join at a very discounted test group price.  Read more to learn about POW!

An 8-Week transformational program designed to activate your wealth consciousness and free you from the shackles that hold you back from achieving a higher Earningpower with a higher self-worth that is your birthright!

Shift the way

you think and feel about yourself and what you deserve!


Are you a Compulsive Under-Earner?

Take this quiz to find out
1. Do you have little or no money left over at the end of the month?
2. Do you keep possessions that do not fully work or clothes that are threadbare?
3. Do you cycle from under-working to over-working?
4. Do you dislike your work, but take no actions to improve it?
5. Do you sabotage new income or work ideas?
6. Do you see the gross and not the net?
7. Do you feel you’ll always have to do work you don’t like to survive?
8. Are you filling up your free time with endless chores?
9. Do you fear to ask for a raise?
10. Is it frightening to ask for what you know the market will bear for your goods or services?
11. Are you afraid of spending money but sometimes go on a buying binge?
12. Are you afraid that if you spend money, no more will come in?
13. Do you feel you’ll never have enough?
14. Do you believe money will solve all your problems?
15. Are you attracted to isolation?

How did you score? If you answered yes to eight or more of these questions, you most likely have a problem 
with compulsive under-earning or are on your way to having one. If this is true, today can be a turning point in your life. One road, a soft road, leads to misery, depression, anxiety, and in some cases mental institutions, prison, or suicide. The other road, a more challenging road, leads to prosperity, self-respect, and personal fulfillment. We urge you to take the first difficult step onto the more solid road now.

POW focuses on building your higher earning habits combined with your higher worth, and wealth confidence, and mindset, which ultimately builds your earning power from the inside out, in a more empowered way with sustained longevity.

Watch the video and read below how POW can help you with this exciting program launch :)!

Program Begins: TBA

Time: TBA

NOTE: At this time this is a brand spankin new program in Beta Test Mode, so the start date and time will be announced once it's filled and I see where everyone is from, so please be patient as I want to accommodate as much as possible.


End the slavery to money,  stop the hopeless, helpless mindset, you're worth more than you think!

Jentana Lee Dabbs CEO This Chick Is On Fire



Hey beautiful woman of worth, you have been invited to join the very exclusive BETA TEST group launch of The Power Of Worth Acadamy (POW), this is a new program that I have created after many years of living in a financial prison of worry, anxiety, lack, and poverty.  I’m someone who has invested a fortune and many hours on programs to help ‘’rescue” me from this dark financial nightmare I was in only to find out it was the same crap of writing down what’s in my bank account, writing my goal amount, figuring out how many clients I need to see to get to that amount, saying some affirmations and even cleaning out my wallet.

That didn’t work for me!

So after long hours and years of research, interviewing people, testing this on myself, trying it out on a few clients and getting universal downloads with pages and pages of transformational info, I have created the Power Of Worth Academy, and this is where you come in!

 I would love your help by being a part of this beta test group!

For many, money issues are just a symptom of deeper problems that have to do with low self-esteem, unworthiness, bad habits, survival, and emotional blocks or trauma.  Despite what you hear about the law of attraction and promises of many quick fix financial empowerment programs, POW is not a quick fix, nothing is; instead it will teach you how to transform your relationship with money from the inside out, while developing confidence, assertiveness, calmness, and peace of mind that draws cash flow to you more easily and consistently.

Have you felt like money has been an issue for you because you don’t feel worthy, you haven’t done enough and your BIGGEST issue is that you feel like you’re a prisoner or a slave when it comes to money with feelings and beliefs of being hopeless and helpless?

Then this program will be perfect for you!

POW Academy focuses on building your higher earning habits combined with your higher worth, money confidence, and freedom of control, which ultimately builds your earning power from the inside out, in a more empowered way with sustained longevity.

How does this sound so far?

What you get:

  • Private FB group for group support
  • Recorded training modules to watch and learn on your own time
  • Downloadable workbook material.
  • 8 live recorded calls each week for 8 weeks
  • Recorded Hypnosis Downloads to listen to on your own
  • EFT Tapping scripts and recordings to do on your own
  • Daily assignments to reshape and retrain your brain, habits and your consciousness towards a BIG SHIFT! 
  • Unlimited Email and FB Support
  • Lifetime access to all future trainings for FREE
  • Bonuses and more!

POW will be an intensive training program that will spark a big shift in your mindset, confidence, and habits towards money unlike anything that you have ever seen (this is coming from someone who was a hopeless case!)

My promise to you is that there will be some flubs, some laughing over the trip-ups, perhaps I’ll be behind on sending out the assignments and workbook material, and some readjustments that need to be made, however, you being a part of my first Beta test group you are going to have the opportunity to take this program over and over and over again for FREE as I perfect it and make it really awesome!  Even if this program evolves into a $10,000 investment on a tropical island, you will be able to take it for free, as long as you pay for your flight and you can even share a room with me if you need to!

ANNNNDDD...You will be the first to give life-changing testimonials and be the catalyst for change for other people in years to come and being the birth group, you become family and a part of the super close inner circle that gets special perks, connection, friendship and access to me regardless of how I grow.  How cool is that, haven’t you ever wished you were one of those original people giving your transformation testimonial before something got really big?

I was looking at other programs that do what I’m about to do, and one woman who’s class I took 6 times throughout the years and I didn’t get much out of, charges $3800 for 8 weeks and another woman who hasn’t been around for very long at only age 23, charges $2800 for her 6 week course and I checked out her modules and OMG, it’s almost exactly the same stuff that I have developed over the years and almost the same modules I had put together before I saw hers!


When Does It Start?
Start date will be announced later because I want you and at least 9 others to join so that we can have a perfect flow of energy and vibration going, so if you know of anyone who this would be great for, then please forward this or have them contact me.


You can pay right here

Because I want to get our group started no later than the second or third week of September, there is a deadline of 11 pm Friday, August 31st to get your first payment in and then you will be billed the second one on the same date the following month if you choose the split payment.

When Will I Recieve Confirmation, Material and Start Date?

As I said before, this is a brand spakin new program, so I'm going to do the best I can to get your confirmation to you and the start of your workbook material out to you as soon as I can once I receive your payment and then get the start date and time set and please know that since this is a small start group, I will be able to be flexible with working with everyone's normal schedule and time zone, so please have patience and understanding as I will be perfecting this along way and also as I said, you will be able to experience the perfected version of this POW at no additional cost as many times as you like since you will be an alumni :)!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to ask you to be a part of my first test group, because this has been a labor of love and creation for me for years and I think the time is right now to do this, is the time right for you?

If so, then I know we’re going to have a great time together, so just claim your spot today as soon as you can and feel free to email me at with the subject "I'm In" to let me know that you have joined if I don't already know and also feel free to ask me any additional questions!


Please help me out and help fill this program by sharing the love with anyone else who you feel this program might benefit, thanks so much :)!!!


Modul One: Prosperity Recovery

  • What’s your current relationship with money

  • Uncovering your core beliefs about yourself that keeps you in the same money cycle

  • Getting real with your feelings about money and yourself

  • EFT Tapping to Clear  your money trauma, anger and forgiving yourself

  • Using spiritual principles to create a loving relationship with money and raise your vibration and frequency to a higher value

  • Rewiring and retraining your brain to become open to prosperous actions and thinking

  • Hypnosis to open your heart and forgive yourself and money

Modul Two: Breaking Through and Breaking Free

  • Your conscious and subconscious clearing and agreement towards higher value, vibration and profits

  • EFT tapping to release your money blocks, anxiety and never having enough

  • Hypnosis to build a powerful partnership with yourself to inspire profitable ideas and attract more money

  • Design your exclusive vision and plan to easily attain what you desire

  • Connecting with your higher self/higher power and making your higher value of worth and wealth your divine spiritual right

Module three: Couples Healing For You and Money

  • Create your love potion with money

  • Rebuild your trust and faith in yourself, money and your higher power again

  • EFT tapping to love your bank account and clear the belief you have to work hard for your money, and have fun, enjoyable times with money

  • Detach from the “control” and “how” money is going to come and create a vibration of faith and flow

  • Remove the guilt and shame attached towards the desire for more money and let your money passion go wild!

  • Hypnosis to transform your relationship with money and build a bond of trust with it

Module Four: You’re Worth More Than You Think!

  • Raising your self-worth and confidence so money will find you irresistible

  • Your Personal-Worth Inventory (You’re richer than you think)

  • How to increase your value so that your income increases too

  • The importance of self-love

  • How to unleash your assertive power and get what you want without the guilt

  • EFT tapping to clear fear of being yourself, release the identity of being broke, aligning with the essence of abundance

Module Five: Igniting Your Prosperity Super Powers

  • How to measure your emotions and shift them into consistent high vibration thinking and feeling to uplevel your finances

  • Learn your power words to raise your vibration and motivation instantly

  • What is your kryptonite and how to get rid of it

  • EFT tapping to become a force of good in the world, clear fears of taking action, become naturally successful at everything you do

  • Build an unshakable consciousness and confidence for prosperity

  • Develop your superpower to increase money in your business or life

  • Module Six: Getting Back On The Transformation Train

  • The seven deadly sins of success that can sabotage you

  • The eye of the storm: what to expect during your transformation period that causes most people to believe they're failing and give up

  • EFT tapping for clearing procrastination, to stop trying to force everything to happen, trust the universe to provide for you

  • How to tell if you’ve fallen off the train and what to do

  • How to keep your vibration high no matter what

  • Hypnosis to move from fear to faith

Module Seven: Making This All Work For Life

  • Why you MUST pay attention to and celebrate every small miracle and what it has to do with building your wealth

  • Putting it all together and creating your high worth habits that last a lifetime

  • Build your prosperity consciousness

  • Gratitude on steroids, why it’s so powerful

  • EFT tapping to clear lack thinking, for great money making ideas to come to you, to attract more clients

  • Hypnosis to open your mind and trust in flow and more than enough

Module Eight: Your Ceremonial Commitment to Money and YOU!

  • Your life-time declaration to yourself and your wealth

  • What happens if you have a falling out and losing faith in yourself and money in the future and how to fix that

  • 12 high vibration laws of success, what that has to do with your worth and wealth consciousness

  • EFT Tapping to allow yourself to be wealthy and happy, gratitude, and willing to be wealthy

  • Meditation of your powerful new worthy self!

  • Bonuses and where to go from here