success coaching for women

Think Like a CEO: Ladies, how to stop sabotaging your earning power & increase your personal value & career confidence like a high power CEO 

For ambitious ladies who want to move from being a girl with a struggling business to CEO of her own powerful, profitable business!

  • Why women often sabotage their earning power
  • How to transform your thoughts about your personal value and money
  • How retrain your mind to think and act bigger even if you're not even close to being bigger yet
  • The difference between girl with a business and CEO of your business that will either make or kill your success

Key Note Topic:  The REAL Truth About Being A Female Entrepreneur and The Lies That Break Us!

I'd love to discuss, how I can help inspire your group.  contact me  or call (323) 985-8036 for topic and booking info.

Jentana ;)

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Jentana Lee Dabbs

Jentana Lee Dabbs, former international model & actress turned personal and professional development coach, writer, speaker and hypnotherapist, ignites women globally to live courageously to achieve their wildest dreams, through sharing her personal, heart felt stories of breaking through a cycle of underachievement, chronic failure, homeless, abuse & poverty by discovering how to ignite her own super powers and change the course of her life.   "We all have a super power that is unique to us and helps us break thorough all obstacles so that we can succeed.  The key is to stop trying find a superhero on the outside, but to develop the powers that you already have", says Jentana who's dynamic and inspiring talk will help you break the shackles of misinformation about yourself, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that separate you from the love, success, money and dreams that are your birthright!

Topics Include:

Ambitious Women Redefined: Dispelling the myths of success and unlocking your true code to greatness

  • Learn the top 5 myths about success that will actually kill your success
  • The 5 Keys towards unlocking your personal code to greatness
  • How to use your power code to defeat fear and achieve purpose and success
  • How being a woman can help you excel in difficult situations without acting like a man and much more