Because You're Worth More Than You Think!

By Jentana Lee Dabbs CHt

By Jentana Lee Dabbs

Find Your Fire, Reclaim Your Power

For every woman out there who has felt beat up, abandoned, taken advantage of, undervalued, unworthy or unhappy, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  You are meant for so much more in this world than you understand or give yourself credit for, you matter and the world needs you!

This Chick Is On Fire, is about finding YOU again when you're feeling lost in life and giving you back your voice and personal power that you may have lost long ago due to misguided beliefs or things that have happened to you during your journey that has dimmed your fire and silenced your soul.  You can reawaken your power again and OWN your voice.  I know, because I've been there and I'm dedicated to showing you how to ignite the confidence in you that has long been smothered by self-doubt, pains, anxiety's and fears and show you how to confidently follow through towards achieving and having the things in life that is your birthright, because you are worth more than you think.!  

Let's do this together, welcome to a new revolution the Ignited Woman Revolution, you are more than woman, YOU ARE FIRE, the time is now to step back into your power and OWN IT, the world needs you, you are a Chick On Fire!

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